Interactive Marketing (Purls and Multi-Channel Campaigns)

Personalized URLs
A unique online microsite to complement personalized communications to customers or to further engage  and collect more data or information.

Personalized emails and URLs, and total online campaign reporting. From direct mail to targeted email and personalized web pages, we are ready to help your business adapt to the online landscape – and help you deploy multi-channel marketing campaigns that drive results.

Purls – marketing strategy emphasizing personalized interactions with customers. The personalization of interactions is thought to foster greater customer loyalty and better return on marketing investment.
Usage of Personalized URLs reinvest marketing with the personal touch absent from many modern business interactions.  Customer segmentation, focused on customizing online communication for groups of customers rather than individuals.

The Personalized URL will asks the recipient or user to take a specific action, for instance call a free phone number or visit a website – this effort is considered to be direct response advertising.

Email Marketing
Broadcast Emails are marketing messages sent out via the Internet to a targeted list of recipients. Broadcast Emails have no self-running programs or files attached. Instead, the email quickly loads from a website – making the actual email convenient and easy for the recipient to open.

Personalized URLs (pURLs)
Personalized web pages provide an additional media channel to expand on your marketing message. The pURL web page can be made to match specific campaign design cues, and is personalized to each contact on your list.

Tracking & Reporting
We offer are several ways to track receipt and usage of broadcast emails to provide you with the critical information you need to help you improve campaign performance over time.We have an extensive online reporting system that gathers data from your campaign and compiles it into easy-to-read reports that can be accessed through password-protected websites. Our online database system allows you to review information from completed campaigns, directly add new prospect information, and focus your follow-up marketing efforts on those prospects that have already demonstrated interest.

Response Analytics
Once your campaign has been deployed and the results have been recorded, our analysts can help you make sense of the raw numbers.We can help you with contact / offer segmentation, even when no prior customer data exists. We analyze your campaign for effectiveness, determine which attributes will best define your ideal prospect – and work with you to develop a campaign that will maximize conversions.

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