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  The Rumours of our Death…. by Dean Baxendale President, JF Moore.

I remember my first job in magazine publishing in Vancouver Canada in 1978. Fresh out of college I joined Southam Communications as a young Advertising Account Manager. It was around the time of the Wang Word Processor and the first Compuset typesetting machines. At the time, both technologies were transforming the magazine and book publishing landscape as we moved from legacy processes to the future, but these new technologies were quickly usurped by word processors and then desk top publishing (The Mac), which ushered in another revolution for our collective industries.

As a writer, a publisher and AD sales person, I have seen a lot of change over the past 35 years in business and consumer publishing. During that time, I was constantly reminded that I would have a short Ad Sales career; given that magazines and publishing would soon be dead due to the paperless office. A lot of pundits of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s have predicted print’s death and yet there are more pages being printed each day, than there were during an entire year in 1960. Nonetheless, this has resulted in speed to market requirements that are unprecedented by yesterday’s production paradigms. To be competitive today, you need a partner who understands your need to reduce cost and deliver the finest print communications product you can on time, every time.

We can promise you, that no other organization understands your needs better than a company that continues to innovate and bring leading edge solutions to the market each and every year. Just look at our record of accomplishment on the Environment, (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility, implementing technological innovation and our investments in Research and Development and you need to search no further. J. F. Moore Publishing Services is your #1 Choice for short run magazine Pre-Press, Marketing, Circulation Management, Printing and fulfillment.

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J.F. Moore's Remote On-line Proofing

Magazine Printing and Publishing Services

Today you need a partner who simplifies the process, improves communication and workflow to reduce your time to market while delivering the most cost effective solution for your unique requirements. From remote digital proofing to short run full colour printing let the JFM Magazine production team go to work for you.  Using our Just In Print workflow we can update pages on the fly and get electronic approvals for you instantaneously.   Click the print button and we can be making plates for press immediately.

JFM offers a unique set of services including On-line circulation management, On line publishing and  re-purposing content for Web publishing, fulfillment, mailing and distribution services all under one roof.  Need a Publications Mail Permit, just ask your JFM Account Manager to help you out.

Short Runs:  With our perfecting press technology we can deliver cost effective digital or offset print solutions from 1 to 10,000 copies of your magazine or periodical.   Combine our press capability with our G7 Master Printer certification and you have a quality cost effective alternative to Transcontinnental, RR Donnely or St. Josephs Printing.

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Book Publishing

At J.F. Moore we’ve been printing books for more than 25 years. That heritage, coupled with new technology, our insight and experience enables us to create solutions designed to deliver your books where and when you need them.  The quality of our services and the breadth of our product offerings for Book Printing means that you have a partner understands your market, understands your business and works with you deliver cost effective print and digital solutions.

We provide an entire spectrum of services to produce your books from beginning to end – Design and layout,  colors, page counts, trim sizes, binding styles and quantities that you need, title by title.

Whether it’s advance readers’ copies, frontlist best-sellers or backlist reprints, we can help you manage your inventory and costs for your titles through all stages of the print life-cycle.

We offer innovative solutions for our customers, who include trade, book club, direct mail, juvenile, elementary-high school, college, university press, professional, reference, religious trade and computer.


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