J.F. Moore integrates eco-friendly processes at its Toronto facility

Original Source: Graphic Arts Magazine
Written by Kristen Read
Monday, June 7, 2010

Toronto’s J.F. Moore has recently made the transition to incorporate more environmentally-friendly processes into its workflow. Founded more than two decades ago, the company says that its latest step of integrating chemistry-free platemaking has not only reduced waste but also cut costs.

Company president and CEO, Dean Baxendale, says: “This transition marks the final piece in our three-year plan to become a global leader in environmental, ethical and value based best practices. A true win-win!”

J.F. Moore worked with Agfa to introduce the eco-friendly plate-making process into its facility. The :Azura TS chemistry-free plates were chosen, which utilize ThermoFuse technology. Unlike conventional thermal plates, this system uses simplified gumming technology that cleans the plate and gums it in one step, making it press-ready without the need for chemical processing. As a result, water consumption and waste are considerably reduced.

“The demand from consumers and J.F. Moore customers to invest in lean and green products has consistently increased in recent years,” explains Baxendale. “By working with Agfa we have made an investment that supports our commitment to environmental best practices. Most importantly, we were able to continue to deliver high quality products via a cost-effective process for our customers that are in line with their sustainability specifications.”

In addition to adopting chemistry-free plate-making technology, J.F. Moore also uses Bullfrog Power, which is 100% green electricity, to run its operations. The company is also one of only three printers in Canada to achieve FSC certification as well as G7 Master Printer certification and ISO 2846 compliance.