The J.F. Moore Advantage

The Opportunity

Inspiring employees and keeping them focused on corporate goals is a challenge for any business. The Financial services and insurance industries are especially tasked when it comes to keeping all of their widely distributed producers and brokers on message and on brand. 

Communicating to the provider community should be done often and effectively to enhance productivity and motivation. However, these revenue-generating groups receive many different kinds of communications, from electronic newsletters to hard-copy statements, on a regular basis. It’s hard to imagine that all of it is being read.

People need to feel included, important and informed.
Some information is general to all sales channels, some is only relevant to a local geography, and the rest is personalized to the individual. Delivering all of this, one piece at a time, quickly leads to overload.

A single, succinct document containing all of the above elements is one proven answer to support Producer Relationship Management goals and objectives.  Simply put make your sales team more effective.

Integration is the KEY

An integrated document with a newsletter cover and back, combined with personalized business performance information inside, can be a powerful communications tool. Such a format can not only inform, but also motivate. Lead stories on the cover might be big company news or new product information important for all recipients, with regional stories mixed in where appropriate. Tables and charts in the center spread can be laid out clearly, graphically and in color to enhance understanding of the performance data being reported.

Well-produced communications will be read.
This level of versioning, customization and personalization is a strong feature of many of the newsletter composition tools offered in the J.F. Moore portfolio. The format ensures that documents are opened, read, clearly understood and eagerly anticipated. The usual results are improved communication, enhanced loyalty and fewer calls for clarification.

The J.F. Moore 1:1 portfolio of solutions and services makes the production of full-color, customized and personalized documents a cost-effective productivity tool to address the challenges of Producer Relationship Management.

Cross-Media Conversations

The marketing landscape is changing. Marketers and the service providers that support them must be able to establish ongoing conversations with their customers across print and digital media with targeted, relevant and consistent messages to achieve results.

J.F. Moore’s integrated solution delivers highly effective, one-to-one cross media campaigns spanning print, email and Web. With the inclusion of sophisticated tracking and analytic tools, ensures relevant, attention-grabbing messages are delivered to targeted recipients using the mediums with the most impact.

Integrated, Interactive Cross-Media Campaigns
By combining direct mail, e-commerce and email marketing with Response URLs, custom packaging and post-sale personalized customer surveys, a targeted, response-generating campaign can be implemented and optimized for maximum ROI.

The Complete Toolset

Produce campaigns that cross boundaries.Create variable data print pieces, personalized emails and personalized URLs.

Deploy via print, email or Web from one toolset. Bridge the gap for integrated crossmedia campaigns, eliminating the disconnect.

Collect campaign metrics in real time. A dashboard view gives us access to business intelligence as it happens. We can automatically gather data about Web site visits, click-throughs, and any other customer interactions.

Evaluate campaign targets and tactics. Understand which offers, tactics, creative and media were most attractive to different market segments and determine campaign roadblocks that stopped
recipients from moving forward.

We apply business intelligence for maximum campaign ROI. Using campaign analysis to adjust campaigns on the fly for improved accuracy, relevancy and results. Adjustments can be made to any part of the campaign including the design layouts, touch point definitions and recipient criteria. We can leverage the power iof the Marketing Console to create new revenue streams, and display results to justify marketing investment.