Environmental Management Systems


JF Moore is one of North America’s most environmentally responsible and sustainable printing and Direct Mail organizations. – from the purchase of supplies to disposing of waste.

Our activities meet or exceed all government standards and regulations at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.  J.F. Moore Communications is FSC® Certified and has been for over 8 years.

The use of renewable energy and the promtion of Print On Demand makes JFM a leader in sustainable business practices as outlined below.


JF Moore uses computer-to-plate technology, which eliminates the use of film in the printing process. This, in turn, eliminates the need to dispose of film, film packaging and the hazardous chemicals that are required to process the film.


Each week, JF Moore uses between 3,000 and 4,000 rags to clean presses and other inked areas. These rags are drenched in solvents that could otherwise become a major source of hazardous waste. Instead we store the rags in drums and send them to our approved commercial laundry, G& K Services.

Part of the solvents in the rags can then be recovered by spinning them in a centrifuge. About one gallon of solvent is recovered for each ten gallons of rags. This recovered solvent can then be used for cleaning more heavily soiled press areas, saving the use of new solvents for fine press cleaning.


All projects at JF Moore are printed on recycled paper.

As well, for more than two decades, we’ve pursued an aggressive program of recycling paper and paper products . Now, each week we send more than five tonnes of waste paper and corrugated material to Hanna Paper Recyclers. Over the course of a year, this recycling effort reduces landfill requirements by more than 25,000 cubic feet.

Metal printing plates are reused numerous times before disposal. The used plates are then sent to G.P. & R. Recyclers for recycling and shredding.

Solvent recycling is carried out with support from Maratek Environmental, which develops solutions for onsite recycling that enable solvents, waste inks and other materials to be reused.

Wooden skids and pallets are reused for shipping and receiving. When these items have been damaged beyond repair, they are recycled.

Vegetable Inks

JF Moore uses 100 percent vegetable inks in our operations, as opposed to using petroleum-based inks. This eliminates the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that would occur using petroleum-based inks.

All unused PMS inks are returned to our ink manufacturer, Rycoline, which uses them to create black ink.