Fulfillment & Distribution

Marketing Execution: Where Strategy Meets The Consumer

JFM has transformed marketing execution with automated warehouse solutions that provide faster delivery, easier in-store/in-field execution and financial savings.

We’ve developed marketing logistics and fulfillment solutions to fit nearly every business model and industry. Whether its fulfilling high volume SKUs, consolidated store kits or high velocity consumer product orders, you get a solution that fits your business.

We fulfill:

  • POS fulfillment
  • POP fulfillment
  • Displays
  • Literature fulfillment
  • Marketing collateral
  • Product fulfillment
  • Samples
  • Gift cards
  • Training materials
  • Premiums
  • Textbooks






Our service includes inventory management services for clients and shipping stored materials and on Demand items as needed throughout North America. All inventory movement and levels are computer-monitored and tracked providing clients with up to date reports generated Online 24-7  –

Order response can be as little as minutes to get that much needed package to your customer, branch or retail operation anywhere in North America overnight or the same day.

We help to reduce the cost of inventory and product redundancy by offering On-Demand solutions that allow you to deliver the most relevant and up to date materials any time, any where.