A Brief History

Like many great ideas, the IPN owes its existence to opportunity rather than planning. The IPN was conceived in the late eighties and born in the early nineties. It grew from the amalgamation of the European and American Print Advisory Councils that had been set up by the Xerox Corporation who had brought together some of the world’s leading and most dynamic people and companies so that they could better understand the graphics arts and commercial printing market.
It did not take too long before those taking part started to realize the full potential of this combined group. They decided to meet independently to create a powerhouse of innovation and strategy and to form an organization that could utilize their combined knowledge, skills and production capabilities to offer a truly global service to their customers.
By this time strong and lasting friendships had been established which acted as an excellent foundation on which to build a totally new type of business. So in the summer of 1993, the IPN was formed and since then has gone from strength to strength, expanding its coverage right around the world. Today it is recognized as being at the forefront of technology and many vendors to the printing and communication industry regularly seek its advice and council before investing in developing or launching new products.

Today the organization’s scope and capabilities touch 5 continents in over 140 locations around the Globe. If you have a product launch, press release or any form of digital or print communications J.F. Moore and the IPN can help you save time and money through effective distribute and print programs.

Case Studies

One of Denmark’s largest manufacturing companies was going to use two big display boards at a trade fair in Oslo, Norway. The display boards had still not arrived shortly before the beginning of the fair, and they could not be traced. This was a serious problem, which needed sorting out quickly. The company’s in-house advertising department asked if we could deliver new display boards to Oslo the very next day. We certainly could! We received the images via ISDN of the display boards that had to be printed, mounted and laminated. Proofs were produced in Odense and then the job was transmitted by ISDN to Allkopi in Oslo, one of the partners in the IPN (International Printers’ Network). Three hours later, on the same day, Allkopi delivered the finished display boards to the customer at the trade fair. Just the savings made by not having to dispatch the boards by courier were sufficient to cover the printing costs.

In 2004, Dean Baxendale, President of JFM and then President Kevin Strand of McKay Press(CGX Group) launched a pilot project for Dow Chemical Corporation. McKay and Dow have had a long standing working relationship. Dow sells chemical products all over the world and they needed a solution to deliver the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) to customers in Canada through a local print service provider to meet regulatory requirements. Each company is required to post all MSDS sheets for easy access in case of emergency. Each night, a file is uploaded via secure FTP to JFM. An automated trigger pulls the file and sends automatically to the printer. Each morning JFM prints and packages up to 150 MDSS packages for delivery to Canada Post for first class mail delivery. This solution saved days, if not weeks and reduced the cost of postage for the customer. The program was so successful that it has since been launched on 5 continents.

The above case demonstrate how co-operation between professional members of the IPN guarantees significant advantages for the customer:

Considerable savings are made in terms of both time and resources.

The on-line connection between IPN partners extends the production facility, so that the job can be done at the most appropriate location.

Optimal quality is always ensured, since IPN is based on mutual trust and many years collaboration.

The sender and recipient share responsibility equally, with the standards for QC and Colour Management adhered to around the world.

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