G7 Master Printer (Colour and Brand Management)

It is indeed music to any Print Buyer or Brand Manager’s ears to know that they can depend on an organization to provide an entire process to manage corporate colour and brand management standards.

In today’s highly demanding world of colour management J.F. Moore  searched the Globe to bring our customers a bench marked process that set the new standard for Colour Management, Proofing and Printing.  From our IPN meetings in Europe and from Drupa 2008 J.F. Moore spearheaded a join venture that delivered the first comprehensive closed loop process for offset, digital and inkjet colour management in North America.   By working with Oris (CGS), FUJI, Rycoloine(The Ink Company) and Heidelberg, JFMoore’s offset division became the fourth G7 Master Printer in Canada in 2009.   This ISO based standard uses the GRACoL specification to achieve predictable colour from proof  to finished product.   This achievement was the culmination of over 3 years of research and development to provide creative’s with what they have always demanded… Predictable colour and a press sheet that matches the proof. J.F. Moore Communications is now now delivers the most accurate colour matching in 200, 250 and 300, 400 line and Hybrid Stochastic Screen Offset Printing.

Every proof is measured for colour accuracy and receives a pass of fail grade.  Creating a Certified Proof.

Working within the Heidelberg Prinect workflow Oris and Heidelberg successful developed a custom colour management process in order to deliver JF Moore’s customers a certification process that ensures accurate colour management from the proof to the final printed sheet. This was recently tested on a number of car catalogues and art books with outstanding results.  In fact, first sheet approvals were achieved on most forms allowing customers to spend less time on changing colour on press and more time doing what they like to do.

Agencies and Clients whose brand standards are well defined, will find working with J.F. Moore a delight, as we strive to perfect your next digital, inkjet or offset print program all under one roof.  We save our customers valuable time and money by reducing the time to manage colour, press approvals and make ready sheets. While on press or throughout the run JFM measures(ORIS Certified Press) the printed sheet to verify tone value increase (dot gain), ink uniformity and grey balance.  Primary colour densities can be measured in one pass and any out of tolerance values are identified, reported on and corrected within the press run.  In September of 2013 JFM held a live G7 c0lour management seminar for IPN (International Printers Network) members as part of our annual certification process.   Heidelberg, Fuji and Xrite Pantone presented and demonstrated the entire end to end process to become a G7 Master Printer.

Measuring and Reporting

Having achieved G7 Master Printer status is indeed a milestone we are proud of, but being able to manage that standard on an ongoing basis is why customers come back to JFM.   JFM became the first printer in North America to invest in the new XRite Pantone Photopectometer technology allowing JFM to provide an even more accurate measurement of each and every job for our clients.


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