J.F. Moore Communications Expands Laser Capacity

For Immediate Release April 27, 2012 

J.F. Moore Communications Expands Laser Capacity

The changing demands of the communications industry has resulted in extraordinary growth for J.F. Moore’s digital and VDP operations: In anticipation of change J.F. Moore expanded its digital and laser production capabilities to meet increased customer demand. As a result the company has experienced growth of 130% in the production of technical documentation, on-demand training materials, books and research reports, and 175% in direct mail and variable laser printing. 

With this in mind it became clear that further investment using Xerox Nuvera technology in the 288 platform was prudent.

“We are pleased to partner with Xerox on the acquisition of this technology.” said Dean Baxendale, President of J.F. Moore. “A number of new customers have chosen J.F. Moore based on our web-to-print and lights-out manufacturing and distribution processes and the addition of the 288 improves our turn-times and adds production capacity to meet our customers’ needs.

“On April 10th Xerox installed the new digital press at our Milner facility. The Nuvera 288 prints 288 duplexed pages per minute with an hourly capacity of 17,280 pages. J.F. Moore currently receives daily orders for training materials that require 2 hour turn times, including CD production, kitting and fulfillment. The Nuvera 288 enables us to easily fulfill this type of customer requirement.”

For more information, please contact Dean Baxendale,.416-940-2251

J.F. Moore is a print services provider that delivers print and digital media services through an integrated production platform. With marketing, design and print service solutions, digital imaging, color management and pre-media capabilities, J.F. Moore provides complete brand stewardship through an integration of our clients creative and communications output. J.F. Moore is a member company of IPN Global.

IPN Global ( http://bit.ly/JAq7G7 ) is an international organization founded in 1993 of print communications visionaries dedicated to building long-term alliances amongst members. This group of global friends has built a successful international print communications network dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through the exchange of information. Members meet at least twice a year, to exchange experiences and Best Practices ensuring that each member can benefit from leading edge document management solutions.  This pursuit of a global understanding of cultures and business practices, equips members of the IPN, to think global and apply local. An ancillary benefit is to enable member companies to compete anywhere in the world.                     ,

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