Large Multinational chooses JFM’s (CRMP) Solution

(CRMP) Customer Relationship Management Portal (Web to Print)

JFM continues to lead the way with innovative platforms to meet the ever evolving communication needs of the marketplace.   Recently, JFM’s integrated communications platform delivered a customized print and collateral management program for a national sales force.  Our client was seeking a robust, cost effective solution to meet the diverse requirements of a national sales force whilst maintaining centralized control on the brand standards and content. With over 250 reps across the country managing content through one central portal is easy with CRMP.  Coordinators or Account Managers can create personalized collateral online, approve and have the piece put into production instantly thus collapsing the entire creative to delivery process from weeks to minutes.  

 This Best in Class platform utilizes fully integrated platform (HTML, XML PDFx, SQL) standards to deliver a simple cost effective online tool set to beat your competition to the punch. All platforms are customized and are currently being deployed by national and international companies who recognize the need for improved customer relationships through the use of customized books, training materials, marketing collateral, e-campaigns or text messaging delivered anywhere in the world, through a single cost effective platform.

Organizations like IBM, Nokia, Caterpillar and Merck are utilizing these platforms to deploy a variety of training and marketing collateral in a cost effective manner while improving customer relationships. For more information on how JFM is changing the face of global communications or to request a case study, contact your JFM Account Manager today!

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 When you’re looking for a competitive advantage to deliver personalized marketing communications, JFM  has the expertise that leverages Sales and Marketers key metrics to achieve maximum ROI from On your entire Multi-Channel Markeing Campaigns.

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