J.F. Moore Communications invests in our Bindery Operation

J.F. Moore is pleased to announce that we have recently upgraded our Stahl Folder with a Gate Fold Plate therein allowing us to meet a growing demand amongst our clients for single and double gate fold capabilities.

With this new Gate Fold Plate J.F. Moore is able to fold approximately 7,000 sheets an hour with a maximum sheet size of 25″ x 38″ in either single or double fold configurations. The new folding plate system comes with electronic sensors to ensure correct placement and sheet alignment.

Dean Baxendale, President of J.F. Moore states this investment stemmed from a change in our product mix. “After conversations with our clients we recognized that the demand for this type of folding configuration was going to grow and that there were significant economies and efficiencies to be had with adding this equipment to our in-house capabilities.”

For more information, please contact Carlo Manduca at 416-291-2012 extension 2236

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