Lights-Out Print Manufacturing leads to cost reductions for Fortune 500 Company

January 3, 2012

Welcome to 2012 and we wish our customers, friends and colleagues a successful 2012!

There continues to be many debates amongst marketing, publishing and advertising professionals about the effectiveness of print in today’s fast-paced world of instant messaging, e-communication, TV, cable and satellite delivery of communications to name a few.  However, the facts are in on print and they are still overwhelmingly positive in its use in engaging current and potential customers.  From an educational perspective, many organizations that abandoned print are now moving back to print for training programs due to improved retention and class participant satisfaction rates.

At JFM Communications we are constantly looking at avenues to deliver print in a cost effective way while delivering value add for our customers.  In 2010, we embarked on a program with one of our IPN partners to manage the prepress, printing, picking and packing, and distribution for a Fortune 500 company operating in almost every country around the globe.  After much debate and research it was determined that training of professionals should include printed training manuals that effectively put the most up to date content in the hands of their customers.  Now operating in six countries the client can choose and customize content for specific training courses and order those materials for delivery within 48 hours.  JFM built a lights-out print manufacturing process that allows the production team to react to same day and even same afternoon orders needed for classes the next day.   

By streamlining the ordering, workflow and back end fulfillment JFM has built a strong document management and delivery process (JFM produces up to 100,000 impressions a day) for one of the worlds leading systems and software organizations.  This program utilizes our global network of document management professionals and has provided innumerable benefits for the customer.   This solution has reduced not only the cost of print but also the cost to manage and procure the documents being produced for this customer around the globe.   

According to…..

Target Marketing’s annual Media Usage Forecast over 69% of marketers plan to use direct mail for customer acquisition in 2011 and 38% of B-to-C marketers feel direct mail has the strongest ROI for customer acquisition.

For more information on making your print work better for you, contact one of our Digital Document Professionals at JFM Communications.

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