J.F. Moore leads in achieving G7 Certification at Technical Conference in Toronto.

Press Release

David Hill, X-Rite Pantone, G7 Certification

The International Printers Network (IPN) held their annual technical meeting in Toronto September 6-8. It is the first time the event was ever held in Canada. With 40 delegates from Europe, Asia and North America, guests arrived Thursday for a reception hosted by J.F. Moore and Xerox. The two day agenda included a live interactive G7 certification process at the host Printers. The seminar brought together three supporting organizations Fuji Canada, Heidelberg, and X-Rite Pantone. These companies currently support J.F. Moore in their Colour Management Continuum™ (CMC). Through an interactive workshop the meeting engaged all four G7 Certified Experts to get a better understanding of the G7 Gracol standard for managing and perfecting colour and brand standards guidelines. Less than 1%, of the world’s pre-media facilities are G7 certified. “We are very proud of our achievements at J.F. Moore. We recognized the global importance of using benchmarked standards for Quality Control.” said Dean Baxendale, President of J.F. Moore Communications.

IPN members work together and support international businesses through benchmarked processes for managing time sensitive and brand specific document distribution and print requirements. The group meets three times a year and convenes at various areas around the world. One of their annual meetings is specifically targeted as a technical meeting where pre-media staff and operations managers from member companies review case studies, best practices and emerging technologies. Other agenda items included MIS Workflow and Process Automation synthesis. Canadian MIS Company, Avanti presented to the group bringing clarity to MIS Integration through workflow automation software.  J.F. Moore demonstrated a specific case study, on End to End process automation and MIS integration to manage all administrative touch points from estimate to invoice.  A similar process has since been adopted by Xerox in the XMPie U-Store 7.3 release.

The content and presentations by the suppliers were well received by the participants. This high level pier group interaction challenged all of the vendors, who were impressed with the knowledge and engagement level of this unique gathering of technical experts. In his thank you address to host company J.F. Moore, Alex Zlatic, Vice President Sales – Americas, X-Rite Pantone. Summarized by saying, “It is not often I have the pleasure of meeting such an illustrious group of professionals representing companies so well focused…”

Participating sponsors included Avanti MIS, GMC, Fuji Canada, GMC Software, Heidelberg, X-Rite Pantone, Xerox and XMPie.

For more information on the IPN in Canada or you have an interest in joining, please contact Dean Baxendale, of J.F. Moore at 416-940-2251. Go to www.ipnglobal.com

About IPN: IPN is an organization comprised of Print Communications visionaries dedicated to building long-term strategic alliances amongst all members. This group of global friends has built the world’s only international print communications group dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through the exchange of information. Members meet two to three times a year, to exchange their experiences, techniques, systems and business processes to ensure that each member can deliver leading edge global document management solutions. In the past decade, meetings have been held in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Heidelberg, London, Washington DC, Cape Town, Melbourne, Dubai, Jerusalem, Shanghai and Shenzhen. This pursuit of a global understanding of business practices, equips members of the IPN with the knowledge to “think global and apply local” as they bring this international experience back to their customers, which in turn allows them to compete any where in the world.

About J.F. Moore: J.F. Moore is a Marketing Print Services Provider that delivers print and digital media services through an integrated production platform. With powerful marketing, design and print service solutions, digital imaging, color management and pre-media capabilities, J.F. Moore provides complete brand stewardship. By streamlining our client’s Marketing messages and promotional campaigns through one digital and print portal we deliver unparalleled results.

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